Engine Technology

ATP Consultants have designed and patented a unique valve control technology. It is well known that a fully variable valvetrain, in which the valve timing and lift is independent from the crankshaft, provides the ultimate in controlling power, fuel consumption and emissions output.

A conventional engine with a single valve timing produces a peak BMEP, therefore lowest specific fuel consumption, over a very narrow range of engine RPM.

By controlling the valve timing and lift, the throttle can be eliminated therefore increasing efficiency by reducing pumping losses. Also, by Controlling the fuel/air mixture using the timing of the valves, an ideal mixture ratio can be maintained at all times. This results in the lowest possible specific fuel consuption and gives control over the engine torque and emissions, even during acceleration and deceleration.

This system offers a whole range of performance benefits. Amongst these are :-

ATP consultants are actively seeking partners to develop this system into production.

For more information, please contact us at: tech@atpconsultants.co.uk